DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3

Part 3 of this series ended up delayed due to ten days in the wonderful Okanagan sun! But it’s now back to reality and time to finish our 3 part series on our DIY Cat Shelves! For this post we will be going over the overall budget and cost and also some of the decor accents we decided to include.

DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3


Over the last few weeks we have given the cats some time to discover there fancy new digs and get used to using the shelves. So far so good. We have the type of animals that may show interest originally but tend to lose it almost right after. Lucky for us, they have decided they like the shelves and will use them on a pretty regular basis.

I’d like to highlight some of the decor accents we decided to include in this project. Some were planned and purchased and some were re-purposed from another area of the house. Either way, they really completed the look of the room and we were more then happy with how everything fit.


DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3

We picked these plain wood accents up at our local Michael’s.
A few coats of chalkboard paint made for an interactive accent for our wall.

DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3
This was a special, unexpected add on. We actually found this picture at a local garage sale. Once I saw it, I was in love.
It helped that it looks just like Marley and the design fit perfect into what we were planning.We added a nice black frame to give it a finished look.


DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3

This wonderful, vintage stool actually appeared out of my parents attic and was looking for a home. I originally had it  placed in our bedroom nook, but knew it wasn’t a permanent solution.
The cats needed a way to get down when they were on the shelves, this happened to be a perfect fit. The brown fur blanket from Urban Barn was another item that never really had a home.

Now, on to the final costs, originally we budgeted $100 thinking that it would cost a lot for the shelves. Check out the breakdown of what we spent below, this project should easily come in under $100. It just takes some creativity and planning.

DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 3
Costs & Breakdown

Shelves: We purchased 3 White Rubbermaid shelves.

Two 10 x 24 Shelves @ $8.00 ea = $16.00
One 10 x 36 Shelf @ $12.00
Six White Brackets @ $1.50 ea = $9.00
1 Curtain Panel = $10.00
Chalkboard Paint = $10.00
Wood Accents = $6.00
Double Sided Foam Tape = $5.00
Grand Total: $68.00!
Most of the other accent were either free or under $5! A great DIY project doesn’t have to cost a lot and it can be really rewarding to complete! The best part about this project is that the shelves can always be used as decor items when the cats become disinterested. Have you done a pet project lately? We would love to hear about it! Comment, Tweet, or Facebook us today!

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