DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 1

Vancouver got a real dose of summer this weekend, with temperatures reaching up to 34 degrees! We managed to find ways to beat the heat and even threw in some project time. That brings me to our newest series of posts at West 5th Love about our newest DIY project: Cat Shelves.

DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 1

Over the next few weeks I am going to pick apart our project going over everything from the plan, how to and how much. But first an explanation on where the inspiration came from and why cat shelves can seriously benefit your furry friends life.

What and why the heck do cats need shelves?!

Well, I first heard about this idea from Jackson Galaxy and his show The Cat Whisperer. I didn’t think much of it, but decided I would ask around and see if anyone else had done it or heard of it. Well, not long after we were having a consultation with our wonderful house call vet about our black cat Mooky. We were discussing his anxiety that developed from being an orphan rescue cat and she mentioned cat shelves could really help. After that I started to do a bit of research on the topic and what I found made a lot of sense. By providing indoor cats with shelves it can increase there self esteem, it can really help a bored cat, and most of all it gives them a sense of security.

Looking For Inspiration:

Soon after I started searching online for anything and everything that just might work. When I started looking at pre made cat shelves I came across things like this and thisAlthough the shelves were modern and had a great look, I couldn’t come to terms with paying $100 per shelf, as much as I love them we still need to eat. We simply decided no matter what we planned, we could do the whole project under the amount it would cost us to buy them new.
The Plan:
We had a few specific goals when it came to this project. It had to be cost effective, it needed to be safe and we wanted a certain look. Something modern that fit into the room and didn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Below, I have included the list of materials needed and our initial plans for the room.

Materials Needed:

(Look out for price comparisons & our final total in the next few posts)

– Shelves: We purchased 3 White Rubbermaid shelves.

2 x 10 x 24 Shelves

1 x 10 x 36

– Brackets: 6 White brackets

– Material: I found a great deal at our local Re-Store on 1 curtain panel that happened to be the pattern and texture we were looking for.

(Habitat for Humanity uses money from purchases to build houses for families in need)

– Double Sided Sticky Foam Tape

-Chalkboard Paint

-Wood Accent letters & sign

DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 1
This was one of the first (somewhat funny looking) plans that we came up with. We used the app Paper, which I have reviewed here.
DIY Cat Shelves For Under $100 Series Part 1

This was our secondary plan (quite different from the first).
We measured everything out with painters tape, this made it much easier to get the heights right and space everything else.

Stay tuned for the next post in the Cat Shelves series. We will be going over the details of  how we executed the project and how much we spent on the whole project!


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