Wedding Series: DIY Bridal Party Ask’s (Kid’s Edition)

Have you heard the news? I’m getting married and planning a wedding! So, I thought I would share some of my wedding plans and DIY projects here on West 5th love!

Ring1st I hope everyone had a great long weekend! We were lucky enough to spend our weekend at Deception Pass State Park where we camped, relaxed and soaked up the beautiful weather! We have been going there as a family as long as I can remember and somehow every year the views get better and better.   I mean look at all that water?! Makes it hard to complain.


I also got some serious quality time in with my husband to be and my wonderful nieces and nephews.


We also managed to surprise the kids with a little wedding present. Our plan was to ask my 3 nieces and nephew to be apart of our wedding party, but I wanted to find a creative way to ask them. I had seen some other ideas on Pinterest, but most of them aimed towards an older crowd. So we got creative and made up our versions that worked out perfect for the kids! I hope you love them and find some inspiration for your own bridal party!

Items Needed:

  • Take out boxes (Or a craft box of your choice)
  • Ask cards–I created ours with a simple template on word and added some cute pictures.
  • Favors
  • Stuffing paper


  1. Start by gathering up all the supplies needed. I basically laid everything out like you see below. Once my notes were cut to size, I placed them in the bottom of the boxes and covered them with paper stuffing to fill up the box.Ring1
  2. Next, start filling your boxes! We had a few different ages, so I picked appropriate favor’s for ages and safety.  For our two little ones I did fake rings (nephew) and 1 big flower with rings for my niece/flower girl. For our two junior bridesmaids, I did a ring pop each and a few fake rings as well!Ringshot2
  3. Last but not least, I closed up the boxes and got creative. I knew I was making these for kids, which let me have some fun with the designs on the outside. You could get more creative (aka neat) if you decided to this style for adults. I could see bows, labels and fancy colours!


So, there you have it! Easy, didn’t take up too much time and kids loved them! They tore into their boxes, searched for their special notes and had little favors to take home from camping. I ‘m so excited to have these littles in my life, let alone in our wedding…I’m a lucky auntie!!

Ps. Stay tuned for our next wedding post! I’ll be sharing how we asked our bridesmaids and maid of honor!


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