Decorating For The Fall Season

I know it’s hard to let go of Summer, I’ll be the first to say how much I love the sunshine, the long nights and the warm breeze. However, I know for me that Fall plays a close second to Summer because it brings a lot of great things to the table such as leaves scattered on the ground, cozy sweaters and everything pumpkin spice which is always a huge plus.

So, as we make this seasonal transition it usually means that it’s time to pack up the Summer fun and focus on welcoming Fall and the Winter months ahead. One way for us to welcome Fall with open arms is to decorate, as it’s literally the best way to get those Fall feels and make the house feel that much cozier.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for all the Fall inspiration and I have found some AMAZING ideas that I can’t wait to replicate in my own house. On top of that, I make sure to pull out my favorite cozy blankets, move out our Summer decor and bring in some natural items from the outside to really complete the look. Check out what I’ve found so far below and before you know it we will be rolling into fall and October at high speed!

Pic Credit: designdininganddiapers

Our current place has a non working fireplace and I’m always looking for something to spruce it up a bit! This is going to be my first project for one side, because it’s a perfect way to bring some outside elements in to our home and it’s literally the perfect vision of Fall. I picked up some beautiful, untouched birch logs (check them out on Instagram) while on a walk with Mr. W the other day that will work perfect with this display! Add a fun Fall sign, a cozy blanket and a few small touches and it should be set to go.


I also managed to grab this perfect pumpkin inspired sign for our house on my last trip to Hobby Lobby! The sizing is perfect to fit on our wall of bookshelves or as a stand alone piece and it’s a great fit for the Fall and Thanksgiving season. I’ve paired this adorable sign with a natural wood round left over from our wedding because I find it’s the perfect way to incorporate some natural texture into display.


Now, being the blanket addict that I am I always make sure I have my favorite blankets on hand and on display for guests and anyone who might get a little chilly. I love to bring out the winter white blankets for the fall because they look super luxurious and they fit in perfectly for the entire Fall and Winter season!


Last but not least, one of my favorite items to pull out for the fall season is my collection of Fall/Thanksgiving magazines (I mean look at that gorgeous cover shot) because they act as a great decoration and hold some great recipes and ideas as well. I love to display them in this vintage apple crate I picked up at a local market and throw in a beautiful smelling candle that is perfect for the entire season. I think I can officially say my house is ready to welcome the Fall season!

Now go get cozy…





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