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Oh crafting , how I love thee. I grew up in a world surrounded by fabric, glue, scissors and endless amounts of buttons all because of one special lady: My mom! She ran a craft business for many years out of our home so us kids could have a bit of everything in terms of her working and being home for us at the same time. Not only was I grateful to have my mom home morning and night, but it also meant I had my own personal craft store where my creativity could really run wild.


I’m happy to say, that even though her craft business is long finished, I still ended up keeping some of that wonderful creativity. From that I started getting into scrap-booking and small DIY’s and before I knew it I was completely hooked.

Before I knew it, I was full indulged in the craft world and ready to find myself a hobby. Let me tell you, I have found the master of hobbies in the craft world and it’s all thanks to a little machine created by Cricut. I own the Cricut Explore and from day one I have been in love and it’s never wavered. This machine got us through every damn DIY I thought was a good idea for the wedding and since purchasing the machine, I have never bought another greeting card because I have been able to make personalized ones.

Cricut Explore: Couldn’t Live Without Mine!

If you haven’t read or heard about Cricut or all the wonderful products they offer, I highly suggest it (this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love Cricut that much!). I hope to do more posts around crafting and using my Cricut so stay tuned for more creative fun! If you’re a fellow Cricut lover, feel free to join our Facebook group for Canadian Cricut Crafters, you won’t regret it!

Wise words were once said….

I just want to create beautiful things and get enough sleep. 


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