Creating Our Gallery Wall

Creating Our Gallery Wall

Well, Mr. W and I finally took on a project I have been dying to get to, our guest room gallery wall! When we decided this space would be half a craft room and half a guest room, my creative juices started flowing and we decided to give this room a focal point. This room has the perfect blank wall that acted as the canvas for our wall and gave us enough room to get creative with what we decided to hang, while it wasn’t a quick project (3 days later) the results were well worth it!

Now, I’m a bad blogger who down right FAILS at taking before pictures, but I do at least have a halfway picture to give you an idea of what we we’re working with and how it evolved from a few pictures hanging to a full-blown gallery wall. My favorite part about this wall is I was able to create a few of the pieces myself with my Cricut Explore and put my own spin on some of the designs. It makes me so happy to be able to see my creations hanging up, rather than being stuffed in the corner with nowhere to live.

The unfinished right side of our gallery wall

So as you can see above, the wall here is started but not even close to finished. We looked up quite a few tutorials on how to set up the wall and in the end of it all we scrapped all the advice and just went right for hanging pictures and winging the design. Basically, my only advice for hanging a gallery wall is start with a main piece and work your way out. This way you’ll have a middle point to start with and can play around with what fits best on the wall.

Also, we measured out exactly how much wall we had to work with and gave ourselves some perimeters so it wasn’t too big or too small.  This was day one of our project, we decided our upstairs neighbors may not appreciate our loud wall work into the wee hours of the night, so we shut things down and picked them back up on the weekend. We also needed to get a few more pieces to complete the wall, luckily we found exactly what we needed (and more!) at our local yearly vintage market.

Ready for the big reveal? Here it comes…………………..

All Finished!

YAY! We finally got everything up on the wall after much trial and error. Sometimes it was a matter of changing a picture around  or walking away from the wall to clear our heads and come up with a new idea for placement. Regardless, we couldn’t be happier with the end result as it fits our room perfectly. When you enter our guest room you get a mix of inviting colours and personalized walls that truly shows off our style and personality, which is exactly what we we’re aiming for. We made some of the pieces to be removable so we could change them out with other pieces throughout the year and we still have a few changes to make such as the pictures in our middle frame. But for the moment, our wall shows itself off proudly and makes the room feel like us, which is all we really wanted.

As an added bonus to this project, we also created a reading nook in the opposite corner of the room as it felt like it was missing something but it wasn’t necessarily artwork. So, in my bargain adventures I found this adorable wire rack that looked like it was meant for books and showing them off proudly. So up the shelf went and we filled it with all of Mr. W and I’s favorite vintage kids books. I had kept quite a few books from my childhood and  I managed to find a bunch at local sales and swaps as well.


In fact, I got my hands on a set of Bernstein Bears books that I loved as a child, only to realize they were actual books from my school library that I at one time checked out and read over and over again. They even have the library card slot, it was clearly meant to be!  We also added my favorite, albeit beat up, chair in the corner with a cozy blanket and our foxy friend from IKEA. One day I’ll get that complicated chair re-covered, but for now it sits covered and well-loved in the corner.

I love that we now have a second living space of sorts where we can sit, read or craft. Not only that, we have a full guest space for when we have visitors (which will be very soon) and they won’t feel cramped by crashing on our couch in the main living room.

Next project to show off will be our master closet, so stay tuned!




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