Craigslist How To + Our Couch Swap

Over at West 5th we have been busy, the blog received a mini face lift this week! A new freelance page highlighting the best of my personal freelance work, if you haven’t checked out head here.  If you haven’t connected with us socially, come join us for updates and news about West 5th! Now on we go to the topic of the week: Craigslist!

We have used Craigslist pretty much since the day we decided to leave the comforts of our parents home, potentially even before then. It’s been a crucial tool for getting us where we needed to be whether it be for apartment hunting, furniture shopping or selling our things that we no longer needed. I honestly don’t think I could do without it, for pretty much one big reason….It saves/makes us SO much money! Anyways, I wanted to share my personal experiences when it comes to Craigslist and I also wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I have found along the way! As an added bonus, I’ll be sharing our most recent Craigslist adventure at the end of this post.


First off, I want to start by sharing our mini list of things purchased on Craigslist:
Queen bed frame, King bed frame, Couch, Ottoman, TV stand, Fireplace, Table & Chairs, Coffee Table, and one of my personal favorites our Lovesac. This is just a start to what we have bought.

That being just a start to things we have purchased on CL shows you that pretty much anything can be found if you look hard enough. The sad part about it is that some people have put a big red flag on craigslist usually because they dislike the thought of secondhand furniture, I prefer the term “Well Loved”. Well, I am here to put a stop to that close minded thinking! Well loved furniture is not something to ignore, it’s something to embrace!


Following that, I want to offer up some of my tips and tricks that I have found along the way:


Craigslist How To + Our Couch Swap


The Post: When you are looking at a CL post always find a way to get a picture of the item. My rule of thumb is if there is no picture available, ask for one by emailing the seller. Anyone truly wanting to sell an item will offer up photos with no issue. If they don’t I say move on because that could mean there is an issue with the item or it could be a scam!

The Questions(s): Asking questions prior to buying an item is very key. Asking the right ones are even more important. Consider questions such as: Does it come from a smoke free/pet free home? Any damage on the item (noticeable or not)? Particular Measurements? Make sure to ask for the sizing before seeing the item.

The Contact: Email contact is best whenever possible. I like to use email as my form of contact for a few reasons. I really like to have a record of my transactions on craigslist, that way I have the address and the details of the product on hand. Finally, I like to do my bartering over email prior to pick up. Most times sellers are really trying to move an item and will sell it less then the posted price. You never know until you ask!

The Item: Once you have decided to buy an item, it’s important to move fast. Deals are made fast on items and if someone offers more then you, deals disappear quick. Also, be ready to pick it up the same day or within the next few days, sellers want items gone fast. Make sure you arrive at your destination well prepared: A truck if it’s a large item, a friend to bring with you for safety and moving help and most of all the exact cash needed. Even if your not 100% on buying the item, it’s good to have these things on hand.

The Deal: You’ve gone through everything to get to this very point, what happens if you decide you don’t like the item or it’s not for you? Simply and politely inform the seller that you don’t think the item will fit/it’s not what you had in mind. There should be no hard feelings as these things happen and pictures can be deceiving. On the other hand, if you love the item, hand over the cash and run home with your new treasure!


Our next post in this series will be covering the 5 most important things when selling on Craigslist and how you can make a profit when selling/buying.

Now, last but not least our couch swap adventure!
Yesterday, we finally decided we had enough with our couch. It had been through 3 households, countless sleepovers and a lot of movie nights, it had lived to it’s full potential. So I went CL hunting with a few specifics in mind: It had to be smaller then what we had, a tan colour or darker and it had to be affordable. I lucked out by finding not only exactly what we needed, but I got it at an AWESOME price. As you can see below we went from a puffy, well loved couch to a more modern, apartment sized love seat.
Craigslist How To + Our Couch Swap


It fits better then our previous couch and although it may not be a permanent solution it only cost us $45! All it needed was a good clean and the removal of a few water rings, which by the way I found a great method that I can’t wait to share! It has worked out perfectly and we save a bunch of money by shopping with Craigslist!

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