Craigslist How To Part 2: How To Sell & Make A Profit

Last Week, we covered the basics of buying on Craigslist and our 5 best tips! If you haven’t had a chance to read that post head here. This week we will be covering how to sell on Craigslist and how you can make a profit!

When I am going to post something on CL I try and write the posting to reflect what I would be looking for when I shop on CL. You want to make sure you have good detail on the product your selling, information/specs, and most importantly bright, good quality pictures. This is so important to many buyers, myself included. I usually won’t give a posting a second look if it doesn’t include pictures.

I’d like to share my tips, tricks and a few examples for selling on Craigslist:

Craigslist How To Part 2: How To Sell & Make A Profit

The Pictures: Pictures are your best friend when it comes to posting on CL. You want to make sure you show off the item in the best light possible, making it look like a million bucks. Now, I don’t advise false advertising but I think a really good camera angle can go a long way! Make sure to take your picture out in the open with good light and make sure your item is cleaned up and dust free. People want to see the condition  so if there is any damage be honest about it. For Example: I once sold a older BBQ that had seen it’s day looks wise but still worked great and produced great food. I made sure to be honest about the cosmetic issues, but also made it clear with a little elbow grease it could be cleaned up. You never know what people are looking for, with a few creative sentences you could turn items in to cash quick!


The Post: The way you write your post is going to be SO important when it comes to selling your item. You want to make sure you get as detailed as possible without writing an essay. Top 3 things to include: Description of the item, Condition of the item and if you can state where it came from originally. I even go the extra step further to supply the online link to the product when it was new. This way people can get more information that you might not of included and they can see what a great deal they are getting!

The Price: Prices are everything on Craigslist. Price your item too high? You may get no interest and if you price your item to low you might get extra low offers. I always try and figure out what the item would have gone for originally and price it at half price or just above making sure that if someone haggled I would still make a good profit. For Example: Purchased a modern clock for $45, It retails online for $75 I would ask for $60 leaving me $10 of haggling room but still leaving some space to make a small profit.

The OBO: “Or Best Offer” 3 little words that can make all the difference. I put this on every ad no matter if I’m willing to haggle or not. It shows you are open to offers and the way I see it is I would rather have a whole mix of offers low and high rather then none at all. In a lot of cases just knowing that you are open to offers will encourage people to email and sometimes they won’t bother haggling, they’ll just buy it from you at the price posted.

The Transaction: You have finally gotten an offer and the pick up time has been decided. I follow a few standard rules when arranging pick ups, because you want to be safe and smart. Only give out as much information as needed. For example: I only give my address when I know someone wants to buy it for sure and I supply my phone number so I can meet the buyer in our lobby. I avoid having people come into the house unless it’s furniture that is too heavy to move. Also, if you can try and have a friend with you when the pick up is happening it will make for a smooth transaction.

Now to finish up this post, I wanted to cover how we try and make a profit when it comes to Craigslist. Obviously, one way to make a profit is to sell items slightly higher then what you paid for them but slightly lower then the suggested retail. We also try to follow a rule of thumb that when we buy something new “house wise” we try and sell something. For example: When we wanted to buy a new dining room set we sold our current one first (We got it for free, so we made a profit), giving us the money to purchase a new to us set. That new set came with chairs we didn’t love so we sold those chairs separately and bought slightly cheaper chairs also through CL. So not only did we get an awesome dining set for cheap we also pocketed a little money on the way.

It’s that easy to buy, sell and make a profit on Craigslist. Have you done any Craigslist shopping lately? Let us know below!

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