CityMarket Experience

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope everyone out there had a great weekend and got to soak up some of the beautiful summer. Our weekend was packed with sunshine,Bruno Mars, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, a failed roast beef (that’s a long story) and getting to check out a brand new grocery store!

CityMarket Experience
This amazing picture came from CityMarket’s FB Page. I had to share this one as it really shows off the building!

On Saturday we had the FIRST ever CityMarket by Loblaws to open in North Vancouver! We have been anticipating it’s grand opening, as we have watched it grow from rubble to a massive designer building.

All the aisles were done up in a bright orange and are wide enough to avoid hitting buggies with the person beside you. Visually, the store wows you from the moment you walk in. As you can see below each section has massive labels and huge sections, that are organized but not overwhelming. The highlights for me included: The amazing butcher full of every kind of meat or fish you could think of, the bakery stocked full with warm bread and cupcakes and most of all the built in coffee shop. I couldn’t help but think how many spouses are jumping up and down at the thought of free WiFi and coffee while there significant other shops.

CityMarket Experience

I felt like I was in meat and cheese heaven when we ran into the wall of cheese and pretty much any deli meat you could think of!
We picked up original black forest ham and thinly sliced prosciutto.

CityMarket Experience
The dessert and bakery section gets you right when you walk in the door. I was instantly drawn to these beauties! They will be at my next dinner party for sure.


CityMarket Experience
We couldn’t leave without grabbing a few essentials and some new products for dinner.
Not only were the prices great, the selection is endless. We will definitely be returning CityMarket In The Future!

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