ChickAdvisor: Vichy Ideal Body Kit

It was just another weekday when I happened to see a pink box sitting on my doorway, just waiting to be picked up! That’s right, ChickAdvisor is at it again and they sent me a wonderful pack of Vichy’s ideal body products to try out and review! While I did get these items for free, all the opinions and comments are my own.

I was given 3 products to try out: Replumping Lip Balm, Ideal Body Milk and Spa Shower Gel Cream! These 3 products couldn’t have been more timely as we’re currently getting ready to head away into the sun and on vacation.


Once I broke into my box, I instantly got excited about the smallest item in the box, the replumping lip gloss! This is because 1. I love trying lip products of any kind and 2. I love to find new brands that work, which can be incredibly hard to do.


Lo and behold, I swiped a quick coat on my lips before leaving for work and I was pleasantly surprised from all angles. I love the feel of this balm on my lips as it feels like a good quality balm with some glamorous qualities, like a nice clear sheen and it left my lips looking a bit fuller then normal.  All in all, it gets a 10/10 for being a smooth and wonderful product and because it literally made me want to apply it all the time because I liked it so much!

Next, I tried out the Body Milk lotion as I was rocking a skirt for work and they needed a little moisture and loving before I ran out the door.


Now, I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time sticking to one type of lotion and or finding one I truly love. This is an ever-growing problem for me and I have really only ever been able to consistently stick to using coconut oil, but I knew it was time to try something new.

So I broke out this product and lathered up my legs to see what all the hype was about and I’m so glad I tried it out! It went on super smooth (a little went a long way) and left my legs feeling so soft and moisturized all day, never once did I feel like I had put on too much or too little. It melts into your skin and really makes you want to take your time apply the lotion and enjoy getting ready for the day. I’m excited to use this guy over the summer and see how my legs feel and if they continue feeling like they just walked out of a spa!

Last but not least, I tried out the Spa Shower Gel Cream (not pictured, because well, that might get awkward) on my next shower to see how it compared to my normal shower creams. The one thing that Vichy has really done right is scent as I find these products come with a beautiful yet light scent that would be perfect for even the most sensitive of noses. I felt the shower cream felt just like the lotion in terms of feeling luxurious afterwards and it really softened my skin with the combination of the two products. It will be another great summer product that will keep my skin looking awesome and fresh!

That was an awesome round of product testing and I only hope to get a few more chances to try out new products again! For a sneak peek at what one deals with when trying to take product testing photos, see below to meet my lovely assistant Mooky.  Not only did he feel he needed to test out the box that the products came in (spoiler: he didn’t fit) he also decided to take a bite out of our info paper, you know…to test paper quality. Always so helpful!

Stay Healthy!



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