How To Make Your Wedding Personal

I’ll take a shot in the dark here at a phrase you may have heard throughout wedding planning: “It’s all about the guests.” I know that’s something I heard a lot and at first I was taken aback with the thought the our wedding day would be about the people attending more than it was about the two of us. But in reality, that statement held a lot of truth because as much as the wedding was about the two of us, it was also about celebrating the family and friends who supported us and helped our love grow.

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Happy Canada Day!

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today is a vacation day for myself, Mr. W and West 5th love, because today we’re busy celebrating Canada’s birthday and all it’s great glory! In reality we have taken the day to laze around in the backyard, soak up the sun and eat all the pizza because isn’t that what you should do on a holiday weekend?

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Reasons & Seasons


Welcome To West 5th Love!

As we invite spring in with open arms, I thought it was time for me to step back into the blogging world. My hopes for West 5th Love is to create a space where I can share what I love most with not only the people I love, but you the reader. Things might be a little slow to start but I’m hoping we will be fully functioning within a month or two. What you can expect to see is a little bit of everything ranging from DIY projects (happening at West 5th, my home being the true inspiration for the blog) to my latest read and I can guarantee there will be some random ramblings as well.  Hope you enjoy your visit to West 5th and hope you stay with me for more blogging adventures!