Homemade Nut Free Pesto

Mr. W & I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend at home for the first time in a while and I’ll be the first to admit it was full of food adventures. We blackberry picked, visited a few farmer’s markets, went to our own local fruit stand and even made our first summer dessert crumble that was heavily consumed over said weekend.  We also worked in the garden while the sun shined and I realized my basil plant was overrun with fresh basil!

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5 Quick Meals For Busy Nights

Almost everyone we know is busy. Busy with school, work, kids, family, commuting, sports…the list goes on and a busy week usually includes hectic schedules. While Mr. W and I don’t have a crazy schedule to adhere to, we do find our nights fill up fast with different appointments, dinners and plans. Because of this, I started doing some meal planning for the two of us as it ensures we will have a homemade meal and instantly takes the pressure off when it comes to the big question, “What’s for dinner?”

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Easy, Carrot Muffins

Do you ever have those days where you crave nothing but baked goods like cookies, bread or pie? This is a craving that erupts in our house every so often and when it does it usually means one thing: Time to bake! It just so happened to be an extra rainy Sunday and we had just gotten back from a long walk and brunch, the next logical step was to eat more food. Now, we have been trying to be more health conscious since the new year, so I wanted a quick and easy recipe that wouldn’t kill us in the calorie department and one that wouldn’t take too long.

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