5 Summer Reads You Can’t Miss

If I had to give you a peek at what most of my summers look like, it would consist of sunshine, black tea lemonades, a lake, BBQ’s and most of all reading (and I guess a bit of work sprinkled in between). Basically,  all summer long I cram as many books into my brain as physically possible, before the fall and the busy times of year hit again when ultimately book reading gets pushed to the side.
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Making Friends

Has anyone every noticed how hard it can be to make friends, no matter what age you are? Even all the way back to grade school or kindergarten, it was hard to approach new people or form relationships at all. Luckily, for the most of us we all latched on to one friend or group and made it out alive. But what about now, as adults?

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5 Quick Tips For Cleaning The House After A Cold

What is it about spring and sickness? Everyone and their dog seems to have a cold right now and germs are just freely flying. I find in our home, when Mr. W gets sick, I’m not far behind and visa versa. This time around, he came home with work sniffles that turned into a full-blown cold, so it’s nothing but soup, blankets and rest for him. But once all the foggy-ness has passed and you can finally breathe again, it’s amazing how much you can get done with that new-found energy. I personally go into house clean and sanitize mode to make sure all of the germs and otherwise are out of the house for good!

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Welcome Home.


Well, it’s been awhile old friend. I have been away from my little blog for about a year and it sure feels good to be home.

If you have been with us before, you may notice some changes to our overall look, content and feel of the blog. If you haven’t been with us before, let me welcome you to the new West 5th and introduce myself…Hi! I’m Kate! I have been on this wonderful planet for 27 years, I am recently married to the love of my life Mr. W and we live in a little house with two cats in the middle of bustling Vancouver, BC. Living in a place that literally offers water, sand, sun and snow leaves little time to sit down and write, but I’m going to try and combine my two loves of writing and everyday life, right here on West 5th.

When I started this blog, we were living in a fixer up apartment on West 5th which is where the name inspiration for this blog came from, but since then we have moved on to bigger (albeit not in square footage) and better things. So now that everything has settled down in our world, it felt like the right time to reignite my love for this special writing space and really show what West 5th is all about. You’ll see everything from home design, health topics, fashion and the every day ramblings that comes with being a wife, a writer and a wannabe fashionista/home designer/cat wrangler. Okay, maybe not so much on the cat wrangling part, but you get the idea. I hope you stick with me as I start this new (ish) blogging journey all over again.

Let’s do this.