Cantaloupe Yogurt Fruit Bowl

This cantaloupe yogurt fruit bowl makes for the perfect breakfast, anytime of the week. We enjoyed this on a Sunday morning which made it that much better.¬†As I have mentioned on the blog before, I am currently on a 3 week diet with my partner Brandon. We are officially a week in as of Thursday and so far it hasn’t been easy.

Cantaloupe Yogurt Fruit Bowl

 Despite it being hard, it has been rather satisfying and the results have been great thus far. One thing we have had to do more is get creative with what we are eating. For example, we are trying to find as many different ways to eat, prepare and cook fruit as it is a big part of our diet. If we are really being honest fruit and veg can get boring sometimes, but I want to find a way to make it more exciting.

One thing we are both missing is a simple bowl of cereal and milk. So finding alternatives to satisfy that craving can be difficult. That’s where cantaloupe comes in.

Cantaloupe Yogurt Fruit Bowl

It’s super simple to throw together first thing in the morning or right after dinner. Slice the cantaloupe in half and then in half again. It’s surprisingly filling once you add the extras. Fill the cantaloupe bowl with yogurt regular or greek and any fruit of your choice. I topped mine off with cinnamon, but anything goes here. You could add icing sugar, whip cream, chia seeds etc.


Cantaloupe Yogurt Fruit Bowl Cantaloupe Yogurt Fruit Bowl

Looks good right? It will definitely be on the menu for the next couple of weeks. If you really wanted to turn this into dessert, top it with ice cream for a cool treat!


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