Bunnies & Traditions

Since we moved into our first home, we created personal holiday traditions that we try and carry out every year. For me they remind me of what holidays are really all about which is being together with family.

Anyways, I get EXTREMELY excited for our yearly traditions whether it be the PJ gift exchange on Christmas Eve or one of my personal favorites our yearly Easter egg hunt (No we don’t have kids and yes the void is filled by me jumping in excitement like a 6 year old).

Seems the Easter Bunny left a bit of a trail…

After a bit of set up, all of our eggs (mine being the Zebra striped ones of course) were packed with Hershey Kisses and mini eggs the hunt was on! We ran around like kids hopped up on sugar and found all of our hidden eggs. It took longer then I thought it would but as adults maybe we get more creative with our hiding spots. I managed to find some sport themed eggs that were super cute and re usable for decorations or gift toppers.

Mooky doing what he does best…scowling at the camera and silently cursing us for making him pose.

After some great laughs and even better memories we spent the rest of Easter Sunday enjoying our time together in the sun and then we were off for a delicious family dinner.

Do you have any family traditions that are a must over the holidays? Share them with us!

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