Brand Names On A Budget

Do you ever find yourself on a budget but still find you have the hunger to shop? Well, I can tell you that I am on a budget and I LOVE buying name brand clothes and accessories! Keep reading to find out how you can save more, buy brand names and avoid breaking the bank!

Brand Names On A Budget

If your anything like myself, you love to shop but you can’t stand paying retail prices. I’ve been like this for as long as I have been shopping. Always the first one to go straight to the clearance section, love to use coupons and can’t turn down a good value.  This is my favorite way to shop and for the most part works nicely with a budget or finance plan.

The one thing I love most about shopping this way is the deals and treasures that can be found along the way. I have found some of my nicest, most expensive clothing and accessories at a fraction of the cost.  How may you ask? That’s what we are talking about on today’s post.

I want to start by sharing my two most recent finds that I am ABSOLUTELY in love with! I’ll breakdown where they came from and how much I paid further down the post.

Item #1: Teal “Bowling Bag” Style Lululemon Bag.
– Tons of compartments & bottom base storage
RETAIL PRICE: Similar Style Bag $100

Brand Names On A Budget

Item #2: TNA Brown & Leather Duffel Bag
– Perfect for weekend trips or any travel
RETAIL PRICE: Similar Style Bag $65

Brand Names On A Budget

Both name brand, both in FANTASTIC shape, but how much did I pay? Well, I can tell you I didn’t even pay close to the retail price.The retail price for the teal lulu bag is appx $100 and I only paid $24.99.  For the TNA bag, they can retail appx. at $65, and I only paid $19.00! Where did I find these stellar deals? Well, when I am shopping for name brands I have a few key places I look first:


  • Thrift Store: I can’t even begin to tell you how many name brands and high quality items that are hiding at the thrift. Funny enough, that’s where I found my lulu lemon bag that you see above. I found it behind the front counter (which is a goldmine for high end items) hiding behind some other clothing. I almost fell over when I realized I had found a lulu bag for $24 in my hands! I personally have never been able to afford one, so I knew this would be my chance to scoop the perfect bag. Next time you hit the thrift store, take some time to really go through the racks and shelves. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many labels and brands you can find, for half the price or better!
  • Craigslist: With Craigslist you obviously need to be careful when it comes to name brands and high end items. There is always a chance that the item has been stolen, so make sure you are looking for red flags on the post. I always make sure the description and pictures look legitimate and to ask lots of questions if I am unsure. Regardless, Craigslist is the perfect place to grab name brand items (slightly loved) at an amazing price!
  • Trend Trunk: This website is my new obsession. Basically, it is an online thrift store where you can buy or sell clothing, accessories, beauty products and even shoes! I have not only sold a few things, I have also bought a few items as well. One of them being the TNA bag you see above! Someone was selling it in good condition and I decided to snap it up for $19 including shipping, that makes it a pretty good deal as it retails for $65. If you live in Canada and haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to go right now and indulge in a little shopping. Also, if you want to check out my profile for a little inspiration or shopping head here.
  • In Store Sales: Obviously, shopping isn’t complete without a trip to the clearance section! When it comes to in store sales there are a few things to remember.Before you head to the sale, do a little research online. The best practice is to search for coupons before heading out whether that be online or through the store’s social media pages. You always want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, so make sure to price compare as well. With these few steps you will be saving more money and it will only take a few minutes.

That wasn’t so hard right? Shopping doesn’t have to be a guilt inducing event. With the right tools and the right mindset you can get your favorite brands for way less than retail.

Love shopping for deals and discounts? Share your biggest retail money saving tips below!

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