Backyard Life: Before & After

So, as most of you know, we moved into our new rental suite just this past April and we have been hard at work getting it cleaned up and giving it the love it deserves. One area we have chosen to focus some energy on is in the backyard as we figured we would be spending our summer and most months really relaxing in the yard!

With a little love, sweat and hard work we have managed to take the yard from unkempt and messy to a little backyard oasis that we can call our own, for now anyways! ¬†Since April, we have learned to re-seed grass, take care of said grass, plant a real garden, decorate the surrounding areas and understand what it takes to up keep such a big green space! I’m excited to show off our before and after photos as I really do see a difference and I hope you do as well!

So let’s start with the bad shall we? The pictures you see below are the BEFORE shots! The only thing we had done at this point was a little raking, pulling weeds and maybe an initial lawn mow.

Our built-in garden bed. While already pre-existing it was full of weeds as of when we moved in.


Showing the garden bed, the LARGE amount of weeds and the broken tree house that was in place as we moved in.


The grass was left for dead after a green house has been taken out. Not to mention the forever growing ivy that is sneaking through fence.


Last but not least, I took this before shot on the first day we moved in. It shows you where we really started and how much love this yard needed.

Ready for the  AFTER? While we still have some work to do and details to touch up, the result so far is more than pleasing. Mr. W and I have really learned a lot about yard care and took it on as a new adventure and something to learn how to do together. I now find myself looking forward to weekends of yard work so we can spend quality time together and really get our space looking good. Without further a due, our CLEAN and new backyard!

We decided to make the most out of this beautiful tree and added in a small, half circle brick border to really create a focal point! We added some simple boxwood bushes and solar lights to give it a finished look.


We took that weed ridden bed and ripped it apart the best we could. We added in greenery to start and over the last few weeks have added in some blooming flowers and snapdragons to add a little colour!


A peek at our small but full produce corner! We have a mature raspberry bush, a baby strawberry plant, some lettuce seedlings and most importantly we have a baby Chinese maple tree that Mr. W picked out to be our tree! It’s still got some growing to do.


We couldn’t be happier with what we have managed to tackle so far! While there is always more to do, this is one project that keeps on giving as we head into the summer months and spend time lounging in the yard. I’ll update once we do some more changes, but for right now there is a deck chair, green grass and sunshine calling my name!

HELLO Summer!



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