All About Spinach + Pan Fried Spinach Recipe

When a long weekend approaches, my mind automatically switches into food mode. I think of all the wonderful things we might make in the kitchen over the weekend or I think about finding a new restaurant to try. But once the weekend ends and the indulging is over,  I try to reset back into healthy mode especially as we head into fall.


So, when the healthy kick starts I turn to one of my favorite vegetables: Spinach! I love having spinach in the house at all times as it literally can be worked into almost any meal (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and it comes packed with a ton of nutrients such as  vitamin K, vitamin A (in the folate, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and vitamin C. Did you get all that? These little super leaves are an amazing add-on to any meal and clearly come packed with a ton of good stuff that can’t be ignored. On top of all that, Spinach has  been known to help with diabetes management, cancer prevention, asthma prevention, lowering blood pressure, bone health and a ton MORE, can you believe that?  Why wouldn’t you consume this on a regular basis?

The next question that comes, is how do you eat spinach? First of all when you go to buy spinach, consider grabbing it pre-washed in a sealed container as it will be easier to grab on the go and will stay fresh a bit longer. I know for us we try to mix it in to our daily diet as much as physical possible, so here are a just a few ways we try to incorporate spinach into our diets:

  • Salads (Either a spinach salad or mixed in with any other type of salad)
  • Smoothies
  • Pasta
  • Soup
  • Sauces (Think spinach based pesto)
  • As a replacement for lettuce on sandwiches and wraps
  • Casseroles (Chop it up and add it in to almost any kind)
  • Fresh Juice
  • As a side (more on that below)
  • Side to scrambled eggs in the morning
  • Taco filler
  • Stir Fry’s
  • Add in to homemade meatballs, burgers etc.

The list goes on…


This should tell you, that when it comes to spinach the options are endless and you really can add it in almost anything! The best part about this is spinach is fairly mild, so it’s not like you will have to deal with a big taste adjustment, and if you can get used to it, your body will thank you for it in the future. (As a side note to this, sorry I never ate my spinach growing up mom, I see what you we’re talking about now.)

I personally love to eat cooked spinach on the sides of my meals and the process couldn’t be easier. So when your ready to dive in, try the below recipe and see how you like it:

Pan Fried, Buttery Spinach:

Ingredients Needed:

  • Spinach
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Garlic, minced (Optional)


  1. Start by melting butter in a small saucepan, on medium to low heat. If you choose to add garlic, add it here while the butter melts.
  2. Next, add in your spinach (always add more than you think as it reduces quite small)
  3. Slowly, stir your spinach in the pan while it wilts down. I prefer to cook it till all the leaves are wilted, add more butter if needed.
  4. Once the spinach is done, turn off the heat and season with salt and pepper.

Serve your spinach as is, layer it on pasta or have it next to a steak or chicken breast and I promise you won’t regret it!

Let’s get healthy!



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