A New Perspective: Moving House

We have a strange theme going on with our move in days. When we moved into our very  first apartment it happened to be New Years Day (I seriously don’t suggest it). So following with our theme we moved in to our West 5th house on Halloween, which just so happened to be the only date we could move.  I’m hoping this isn’t a continuing trend for us as it just tends to complicate a move even more.

When we finally had all our boxes in and starting unpacking, anything we didn’t know what to do with was moved in to our spare bedroom/office. Isn’t that the way? Out of sight, out of mind? Well, eventually everything was unpacked and we had the daunting task of tackling the spare room. We wanted to start with a clean slate so we could get a real idea of how much room we had to work with and then we had to decide what we wanted to do with it.

It took a whole weekend to get IKEA furniture built, boxes organized/labeled and really make it in to a room rather than a storage space. All in all it was completely worth the time and effort to make our once cramped space into a comfortable room that is not only functional but somewhere we enjoy hanging out on a regular basis.

Once we finished the office side of things, there was one more thing that we needed to do. We have a 2-year-old black kitten named Mooky and he tends to spread out with his toys, beds and all the other accessories that come with having a pet. So we decided to make a space within the office that he could go and somewhere we could keep all his stuff. So to the left side of the room we built a kitten hideaway and a creative place to hide his litter box.

We found the fabulous cheetah directors chair on Craigslist for only $5! It was such a steal and fit into our safari themed office! Most items in the office were either second-hand (we are thrift store/Craigslist junkies) or we got a killer deal (Our zebra picture was under $20 in the AS IS section at IKEA!)
This is just one of our many projects at West 5th! Stay tuned for more projects & renovations! Have you recently completed a DIY renovation lately? Email us your photos/project details and you could see your renovation & blog featured on West 5th Love!

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