6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Wedding Planning

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, wedding planning is a stressful and extra busy time. So much so it becomes easy to get caught up in the days and weeks of wedding planning and head into a heavy fog that revolves around candle holders and lace. But it’s really important to make sure the wedding fog lifts while planning, so you can take care of yourself and your other half. Now, if you’re in the wedding planning stages currently you must be wondering “Is that even possible?” because once you’re into it, it can be extremely difficult to catch a proper break. 

I know for Mr. W and I the only way we could catch a break during wedding planning was to literally turn off anything that had to do with planning, shut down our phones and put away our notes so we couldn’t talk about anything wedding related. Once we had done that, we would find something that was fun to do that didn’t involve planning, like a walk or trying a new restaurant. We found it gave us a welcome break and most times it helped us forget what we might have been stressing out about and helped us feel refreshed when we did get back into the planning stages.

So, the moral of the story here is that it’s extra important to take care of yourself while wedding planning and it’s even more important to allow yourself a break. So, keep on reading below to learn about 6 ways to take care of yourself while wedding planning and make sure to cut yourself (and your SO) a big break:

6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Wedding Planning:

  1. Turn It All Off: The key move to taking a true planning break is to turn it all off. That means turn off the computer, step away from your phone and stash those wedding plans away for even just a day. Spend a day just relaxing and doing normal things that don’t involve deciding on a shade of peach or a shade of purple. Whether you go for a hike, go for a grocery shop or just sit on the couch all day and binge watch Netflix allow yourself this time to unwind and get away from the chaos.
  2. Plan A Relaxation Day: This means finding all the things that relax you and jamming them into one day or maybe even a weekend and giving yourself the break you deserve. Plan a few fun activities for you and your partner or plan an in-home spa day but whatever you do ensure it’s as relaxing as possible.  This will let your body and brain relax while encouraging you to slow down when you’re in the midst of moving fast to get things done.
  3. Get Outside: This was key for us as we knew, once we’re outside we could refocus and relax. I found when we cooped up ourselves at home all day, I always felt like I needed to be doing something. So, to break that habit we would get outside and either go for a walk or just find a beach to go sit at and enjoy the view. It cleared our minds and gave us something different to focus on when the stress got to be too much.
  4. Sleep: While sleep is an everyday necessity, let me tell you now that you’ll need extra while you’re knee deep in wedding planning. You don’t realize how much time, energy and brain power that you end up designating to this process and in the end that will leave you feeling generally fatigued. So take the opportunity to go to bed early, sleep in late or even plan out a nap with no distractions to ensure your body and brain get the rest it needs.
  5. Go See A Movie: Sounds like a random self-care tip, but it’s incredibly helpful when it comes down to crunch time.  When you start to feel overdone with the planning process, grab a friend or you’re soon to be SO and get to a movie! Not only will a 2-3 hour movie clear your mind and get you focussed on something else, it will give you a reason to switch off your phone and dive into some delicious snacks guilt free.
  6. Pick Up A Hobby: You might be thinking “Are you really suggesting I add more to my plate?” The answer is yes, but it shouldn’t add any additional stress in theory. Try to pick up an easy hobby that you enjoy that can sit on the back burner to wedding planning. This way, when the stress seeps in and you need a break, you can refer back to your hobby and slip into a comfortable activity that takes your mind off anything that is causing stress. Whether it’s a challenging puzzle or a new book by your favorite author, find something you love and let yourself focus on something other than dress sizes and cake flavors!

    Avoid the stress, say yes to naps!


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