5 Ways To Improve A Grilled Cheese

I’ve got food on the brain today, to be more specific we’re talking about grilled cheese and how to improve the standard! I’m sure everyone has their own grilled cheese hacks or tricks but I’m sharing my 5 favorite ones here on the blog.

I love a good grilled cheese for a few reasons: 1. It’s a great meal literally any time of the day whether it be brunch, lunch or midnight, you can’t really go wrong. 2. You have so many options when it comes to what goes into your grilled cheese and 3. It literally takes all of 5 minutes to whip one up! So because of that, we need to celebrate the grilled cheese a little more and do our best to eat more because these sandwiches are truly the best.


Now, I think everyone has put their own spin on these yummy sandwiches and I’m ready to share my tricks that make for a truly delicious meal.  If you have any tricks or tips, please share them below in comments so I can try something new!


5 Ways To Improve A Grilled Cheese

  1. Creative Coating: As much as I love good ol butter as the coating on the outside of a grilled cheese, I’ve found a new love in using mayonnaise! I find that by using mayo on the outside instead of butter (or 50/50) you get a super-crisp coating that makes for a crunchy grilled cheese outside. Also, to add to that if you have shredded parmesan on hand, I love mixing that in with the mayo and then coating the outside of the bread for an extra cheesy twist. The only catch is mayonnaise does burn a bit quicker than butter, so start with a low heat and keep an eye on the bread to avoid overcooking.
  2. Mix Your Cheeses: While cheddar is a great choice for a classic grilled cheese, there is a lot to be said about layering a few different types of cheese. I love to do a mix of mozzarella, cheddar,  Monterey Jack or even throwing in a bit of that parmesan that I mentioned above. Get creative with the cheese that you have on hand and really as long as it will melt down, it’s perfect for a grilled cheese
  3. Stuff It: Long gone are the days where you have to stick to only cheese in your grilled cheese sandwich, you can add in whatever looks and tastes good! I love to add in cherry tomatoes (sliced), spinach, bacon, sliced turkey or ham, pickles or even avocado for a melty twist. By beefing up your grilled cheese it will keep you full longer and you won’t get tired of the same old cheese filling!
  4. Let It Melt:  I’m all about a slow cook when it comes to my grilled cheese to ensure my cheese gets as melted as possible. Start with your pan on low heat and add in a bit of butter until it melts. Then, put in just your sliced bread (one side) and layer your cheese and any extras onto the bread while it’s heating in the pan. Once your cheese starts to get warm, throw on the top slice of bread and let it grill for a minute. Once you hear some sizzling, turn up the heat to medium. At this point, I like to use my spatula to give the sandwich a bit of a squish to get it closer to a panini and to really get everything melting together. Once it’s brown on the one side, give it a flip and cook until golden brown!
  5. Create Dipping Sauces: Lastly, an important part of grilled cheese is having a yummy sauce to dip it into (if that’s your thing). While most like to stick to a side of tomato soup or another yummy flavor, it can be fun to create some unique dipping sauces to add to the sandwich. I love the classic ketchup as a side but when I’m looking for something a bit more fun I like to try out a few different options. Garlic mayo, a mix of ketchup/mayo/mustard/relish, or even a spicy ketchup that packs a kick! No matter what you choose, it’s always fun to have a little side for your grilled cheese.

I’m hoping this post sends you running to the kitchen, if not tuck these tips away for a late night snack! 



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