5 Ways To Beat A Rainy Summer Day

We’ve been having a different Summer in Vancouver this year and it’s no secret that most of us are not happy about it. Instead of high temperatures and sunny days, we have been met with more rain than blue sky and colder nights which makes it feel like Fall.  food-wood-coffee-cup-large
But we all need to remember it’s still Summer and we have to make the best of it because before we know it, it will actually be Fall and we will all be back to boots and big sweaters before you can blink. So, in light of that I have thrown together a few of our favorite rainy day ideas that tend to cure our moods despite the dreary weather! These ideas can apply solo, to a pair or even to a whole family if your finding yourself stuck inside with nothing to do.


5 Ways To Beat A Rainy Day

  1. Game Biltz: Our family LOVES games, so it’s no wonder on a rainy day this is our first thought when it comes to something to do. The issue can be, who picks the game? Well to put that argument to rest, why not have each member of the family pick one to two games (board games, video games, active games, puzzles etc) and try out each person’s suggestion. This is a great way to try games you may not have had the chance to get into and everyone get’s a fair chance of choosing something to do!
  2. Movie Marathon:  This is a personal favorite of mine, because really how can you go wrong with a movie day? Now, to have a successful movie day you will need 2-4 planned out movie choices, all day snacks, a ton of blankets and for good measure some refreshing drinks  to keep yourself hydrated all day. By planning out movies ahead of time, it will take the question of “What do you want to watch?” off the table and will leave you with more time to dig into some great films! Pajamas or comfortable clothing pairs well with a relaxing movie day, so make sure to follow dress code.
  3. Cooking Lessons:  If you have a family who loves food (who doesn’t?) why not host a day of cooking lessons while the rain pours outside.  This idea does call for a little preparation as you’ll have to decide on a few recipes and shopping list ahead of time, but it will be worth it for the experience! Choose a few recipes that you have been dying to try to get the whole family involved in prepping, cooking and tasting! This is also a great time to throw in some cooking show inspired fun by having a few family members judge the meals or even have a mini cook off to see who makes the best dish!
  4. Indoor Picnic: When the rain pours and the day looks dreary, why not cheer things up by planning a completely indoor picnic? All you need is to create a menu of your favorite food and drink, lay out a comfortable blanket and throw on some tunes in the background for a little ambiance. Have everyone enjoy the meal as if you were outside having a picnic and make the best of the bad weather while you hideaway inside.
  5. All Day Bed: Last but certainly not least, if you’re finding yourself zapped on a rainy, grey day why not just stay in bed! Choose the biggest bed in the house and gather the whole family together for a day of cozy.  PJ’s are a must, meals must be eaten while cozy (preferably ordered in) and you must have a solid playlist of something to watch or listen to for the day. Enjoy the comfortable day in bed and take that time off that you truly deserve. This is also a great time to get into a new TV series as you’ll have all day to make a dent in the episodes.

Off to go get cozy…



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