5 Things To Tackle This November

Can you believe that November has officially arrived? It’s now time to pack away the Halloween decorations and give our homes and ourselves a bit of a refresh before we head into the Christmas and holiday season. Keep reading to find out what 5 things you should tackle this November.

I have a few reasons to love November, but one of my favorite things about this month is how it acts as a buffer between holiday’s and gives us the chance to relax and reenergize before all the hustle and bustle starts.  Because of this, I always treat November as a month to get myself organized, our home and anything else that might need to be handled because once things start to pick it up later in the month and into December it can be hard to keep up.

So in light of that, I’ve decided to throw together a list of five things that can and should be tackled this month! You can add to it as you wish, but for me these are priority items that I love to get done within the month and I always feel so much better once their done!


5 Things To Tackle This November:

  1. Clean & Launder All Linens:  While washing your linens should be a regular task, I love to do an in-depth clean every few months. For me, this means washing every blanket, sheet, pillowcase, bed cover, mattress pad, rug and anything else that gets semi-regular use and giving everything a bit of extra attention. By doing this you’ll have a big task tackled and if you have guests coming to stay, most of everything should be ready to go. Also, it’s always better to tackle these items all at once so nothing gets missed and you’ll be amazed at how much better your home feels!
  2. Get Storage Spaces Organized: Because of the holiday’s and the new year, we tend to be in and out of our storage areas on a regular basis. Because of this, November is a great time to get into those spaces early and get them cleaned out and organized. Go through each box or bin, sort it out  and make sure alike items are together. Label those boxes and make sure the boxes you’ll need soon (such as Christmas/NYE Decorations) come to the front for easy access so you spend less time searching for what you need.
  3. Clean Out Kitchen Cupboards: Just like our storage spaces, our kitchen and cupboards get a lot of use over the next few months with family meals and cooking marathons. So to make sure you’re ready for this, take the time to go through your cupboards and clean them out! Remove any expired items, donate anything you may not need to the food bank and make sure everything has a place and is sealed tight to keep it fresh. While you’re at it, give your fridge and appliances a big clean and refresh as these tasks can get lost in the shuffle.
  4. Get Outside: It’s easy to hide inside when the fall turns into winter, but it’s important to take advantage of the cold but not freezing weather that joins us in November. So to do this, plan some outings outside, make sure to get out for regular walks and really soak up what’s left of the fall season before the extra cold weather hits. Not only is this good for our overall health, it could be the last chance to spend long periods of time outside before the spring arrives.
  5. Overhaul Clothes & Donate: Lastly, to join the cleaning tasks it’s important to tackle your closet in the month of November. Go through your entire collection and sort out what needs to be donated, sold and what needs to be kept. By doing this now you’ll make room for some bulkier winter items and if you happen to pick up some new threads over the winter months and holiday season, you won’t have to deal with an overflowing wardrobe!


What’s on your list this November? Share it with us below!



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