30th Pearl White Anniversary Party

Well, it’s official! Mr. W and I were finally able to host a party in our home and in our backyard for the first time ever and we sure had a lot of fun! After living in apartments for so long, the option to host and throw a party has never really been there, so when we saw a milestone date come up we decided it was a great time to host a small get together. Mr. W’s parents celebrated 30 years together this year and that is something to be proud of, so we decided why not throw them a small semi (surprise) backyard dinner party.

The details were this: We wanted to host an outdoor dinner party, the theme was white/pearl (sticking with the year tradition) and we knew that the focus of the party should be our guests of honor and the food that we served.  We decided on a 3 course menu, including homemade bruschetta, dad’s famous prime rib, garlicky pasta and last but not least a beautiful, Italian cake to celebrate the happy couple.  It went off without a hitch and minus some rogue balloons, we took our normally green backyard and turned it into a dinner venue in less than a day! I’ll let the beautiful pictures do the talking (props to my niece Emily, photography was on point!).

Ring Pop’s with custom-made labels were the favor for our guests, it added a little fun to the night but still kept with the theme of the anniversary and highlighted how long they have “stuck” together.

We tried to stick to a mostly white and pearl theme, bringing in a small amount of colour with the details around the yard. I chose lilies to add a beautiful scent to the table and they looked extravagant without costing a ton.

My centerpieces consisted of tall white candles with a base of pearls and Epson Salts to give them a little height and extra detail. By the time nightfall arrived, the yard light up quickly with the combination of candles, lighted tree’s and globe lights.

Lastly, we included a walk down “memory lane” which showed all the wonderful memories that they happy couple have enjoyed over 30 years. This photo display was a great conversation starter and brought up a ton of great stories over the night!

We had a great time planning and putting together this party, with some help and love it was a night to remember! We hope to host more events in our yard, but this was a fantastic start. You’ll see a lot more party related talk around the blog, so stay tuned for new and exciting features!

Party on Wayne…



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