Roundup: 10 Ways To Decorate Pumpkins This Year

It finally feels like fall has arrived. We had a little leftover summer sun here in Vancouver which was great, but it didn’t feel like fall had really started. Well, I can safely say in the last few days it’s become chilly, everyone has started breaking out the jackets and boots and the pumpkin season is in full swing.


I finally feel like I have gotten on board with fall and if you have been following me on Pinterest you’ll see my inspiration has gone into full Autumn and holiday mode.So I figured I would highlight my favorite pumpkin projects on Pinterest. I’m loving all the non-traditional ideas for decorating this year, I have seen everything from black and white pumpkins to a dipped rainbow ombre pumpkin! Check out the 10 pumpkins West 5th is loving this season:


How are you decorating your pumpkins this year?

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